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You don’t want to trust your drone repair to just anybody. We specialize in DJI drones and we’re faster and cheaper than anyone else.

We use genuine manufacturer parts

The last thing you need flying over your head is some cheap knock-off part that’s going to fail and cause you to injure someone or lose your expensive drone.

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Check out our reviews and you’ll see why our customers love us.

Our Ideas

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Battery Sense

Battery Sense

Watching whales in the wild ocean is always exciting, but for a real thrill, try watching them through your drone’s camera while it’s 5,000 feet offshore when the battery level suddenly drops like a rock to 29 percent. There’s a real thrill for you; wondering if you...

Avoiding a Crash by Understanding the “Return to Home” Feature

Avoiding a Crash by Understanding the “Return to Home” Feature

One of the most highly touted features of modern drones is “return to home” (RTH), a safety feature which, in the event of an emergency, causes the drone to return to its launch point and safely land. So it probably comes as a surprise to learn that the RTH feature is...

Recovering your Drone from a “Water Landing”

Recovering your Drone from a “Water Landing”

Right Now! Pull the battery out of the drone and set it aside somewhere safe and fireproof because lithium batteries can become unstable when damaged and often burst into flames. Also, the more time that your drone has power applied to it, the more damage...

What our customers say

Don’t take our word for it — take theirs

“You guys are great! I couldn’t fly without you.”

AJ Herrera

“Anita was excellent and went out of her way make the dropping off and picking up my Phantom 3 as convenient as possible. My P3 is back up and flying perfectly within 24 hours….I highly recommend FixaCrash.”

Eric D.

“I was very happy with the repair service I had received from FixaCrash! My drone was all repaired and ready by next day! Anita, who was very friendly and courteous, went over the details on what needed to be done, along with exact cost of repair needed. She even performed extra services; updating with new firmware and re-calibrating all other indicators without any charge. Would recommend this place to anyone who has a problem and needs a repair service very quickly and very cost-effectively!

Mark L.

“Anita showed experienced knowledge of not only drone repair but also flying drones. She was able to give an accurate estimate of repairs needed and did the repairs in a timely fashion. It was also very convenient to find a repair facility in San Mateo area. Most are out of state.”

Jean Paul + Liz B.

“Super friendly service! Great to have someone local.”

Zach F.

“Very Good service. Fast and efficient. Quality repair. Excellent, in depth knowledge of phantom drones.”

Perry R.

Well, I had a brand new phantom 3 standard that I was flying and got too close to a tree branch and had a rough landing. It even hurt me to see my new drone broken. The camera stabilizer plate was broken and the wires came out of the harness. Also the drone opened on one side. I immediately got online to see the closest repair shop and I came across I sent them an email and pictures of the Drone. They immediately got back to me within hours, so I ended up sending it to them. They had it up and running within the hour that they received it. They are the best and I would definitely recommend them to everyone not to mention the great price. I will always use them. Thanks again Anita. FixaCrash is the best.

Anthony R.

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